What We Provide

We work with forward-thinking leaders who are engaged in their communities and who value collaborative leadership. Our clients and partners use systems-thinking in an increasingly complex and interdependent world, to move beyond business as usual.

Whether they are providing leadership in non-profits, for-profits or networks, our clients have social missions that contribute to a vision of resiliency, health and prosperity for all. They understand that creating powerful impact takes great people, processes and plans. We help facilitate, plan, and re-tool structures so they can achieve it.


Social Profit Strategies provides

  • governance training for those who are innovating powerful new social and organizational structures through the practice of Circle Forward.
  • strategic planning for organizational transformation, including strategic assessment and gap analyses; development of a theory of change; guiding principles, vision, mission and aims; and business plans for sustainability.  A good strategic plan is a usable framework that provides clear direction, inspires stakeholders, informs messaging and communications, clarifies the business model and the rationale for funding support, and is the basis for measuring organizational performance.
  • emergent planning for groups working in complex environments with limited predictability where traditional planning breaks down.
  • facilitation for meetings and retreats, using a wide range of process tools and techniques, for inclusive, safe, and engaging conversation spaces and results that meet objectives.
  • knowledge of and access to leading-edge tools and resources: i.e., collective impact; board best practices; network mapping; and collaborative technology such as Trusted Sharing.
  • support for developing measurements and organizational systems that create transparency, accountability and trust.
  • 1:1 leadership consultation and coaching.
  • capacity building and support in fundraising, development, and social media.

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Tracy Kunkler and Michelle Smith, Social Profit Strategies